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From: Johann Vandenberg Esq.
Subject: For the sake of proving a pointOver the holiday period my parent's house was full. The guest house had
visitors is and I was invited to stay over, back from my last year at
university on my way to a holiday resort with two of my friends. I saw it
as my duty to see them at least over the festive season and now there was
not a room for me to sleep in. My dear brother, whom I never got along with
and who never liked me, was kind enough since his wife was in hospital with
complications expecting their first child, invited me to stay over at there
house for the evening. I accepted, sort of against my will, but the house
was next to my parents' house and I would only be sleeping there for the
one night.We went over and when it became bedtime and to my surprise he said that I
must sleep with him in their king size bed. As children we slept naked and
the few occasions, and they were not more than three as I remember
correctly, that we slept in the same bed as teenagers we fooled around and
I ejaculated him but he never touched me nor said a word or complained or
tried to stop me. So when we went to bed naked neither of us acted
surprised. I was preteens latin asleep immediately, from the long drive and concentration
to be friendly with all my father's not so likeable relatives. preteen x nnude I woke up at
about 2 am, must he felt uncomfortable not usually sleeping with someone,
with my brother's arm over me and his hard-on pressing against me. In my
struggle to get out the embrace he moved onto his back with his legs
spread. When I noticed that he was still asleep, I moved my hand over and
touch his erection. There was no reaction from his side.He was 28, well build and hard muscles from being a constructor worker for
my father, which is part ads pantie preteen
of the fact that he disliked me more when we
became adults. He did not finish high school and therefore hated me for
going to a university and he could not. But that beside the point, I moved
in between his legs and started licking has balls and below his balls, I
rimmed him for a while. His body relaxed but apparently he did not wake up,
which I did not believe. I liked his balls, taking them first the one, then
the other one in my mouth and playing with it with my tongue. Then I licked
up his big cock shaft, enjoyed the sweet pre-cum and slipped my mouth over
his mushroomed shaped head. I moved his 8 inch cock into my throat inch for
inch, sucking vigorously preteen sex japanese until it was totally down csm preteen galleries my throat. At this stage
my head was hopping up and down, giving him the blowjob of his life. He
started moving his pelvic up in rhythmic movements helping me to do it
faster. I was handling his balls in my right hand all the time and with my
left hand I was lightly pinching the one and then the other of his hardened
tits. When I notice from his reactions that he was near Cuming I moved the
index finger of my right hand into his ass and gentle rubbed his prostate.
He came with floods down my throat with his whole body making convulsion
movements. I almost was choking swallowing. He relaxed and I suck his cock
head clean and started to move up his body. When he realized that I was
moving up his body, he struggled out from under me and turned on his side
with me landing behind his back. He pulled the sheet back over him. I got
out of bed, realizing that that was the end and went to the bathroom to
attend to my own hard cock.The next morning I woke up when he said in a normal friendly voice: "I
placed a cup of coffee on the table next to you, breakfast will be next
door in about twenty minutes, you should get up, see you there." My thanks
sounded feeble. I got out of bed and he stood there, fully dressed and
looked my naked body up and down. preteen small tiny "You are extremely well built and
handsome." Then turned around and left the room. I rendered no response,
showered, dressed and went next door. Nothing about what happened that
night was mentioned. When I said my goodbyes to leave that afternoon he was
not there. I did not ask and preteen hot videos assumed that he went to the hospital to visit
his wife.There baby was born with no further complications. I send expensive gifts
and received a note of thanks from his wife. I did not bother to visit and
see the new born baby girl. I left for Europe, came back and got married
two years later. Eunice, my wife and I had a girl and a boy during the next
two years and when our daughter was two years old decided to get divorced.
My parents spoke about my children arguing that I must fight for full
custody. My brother dear, by the way his name is Michael, visited my wife
and told her that one of his friends told him that I had sex with him and
that he would be prepared to enchanting preteen model witness in court that I am gay and thus she
would get custody of our children. She was upset about this and contacted
me immediately to inform me. I asked her if she believed him, she said no
and she told him that and that he must never bother to ever contact her
again. He told her that the name of this person was Waldwick Patterson. nn preteenpics I
new about Waldwick, he was a rich farmer in the district, blonde preteen models topsites
like I am,
attractive with a golden tanned muscular body. I never met him, but have
seen him in the village and awed and his perfect bronzed body. The gossip,
which I heard from my parent's neighbour, Joy, was that all the girls are
wooing him but he never dated one, always with his rough hunter friends.
They hunted, played golf and went on holidays, all male. I wondered.I always went to my parents for a weekend when I new Michael and his family
was away for the weekend. This specific weekend I decided to pay a visit japanese preteen nymphet to
the Patterson farm. It was Saturday afternoon. My parents had something on
that evening and I left at about 4 pm and told my mother that I will eat
out that evening and might come back late. She was fine about it.I went to the farm, drove up to the mansion. I knocked and the butler
opened. He actually asked me if I had an appointment. I said no but would
like to see Mr Patterson immediately. His reply was that Mr Patterson is at
the swimming pool at the back, I may go through, he is going home, he
should have left 30 minutes ago, and walked out. I went through two
lounges, a library, and a study until I saw French windows that open onto a
patio adjoining the swimming pool. The sliding doors where shut. I stopped
in my tracks when I saw Waldwick standing naked next to the swimming pool.
I admired once again the beautiful body, this time naked. His cock was half
erected, big and bronze coloured like his body. He obviously tanned preteens 14 supermodels naked.
He then turned around and dived into the water. This gave me the
opportunity to slide open the door and walked to the side of the pool. When
he got to the other side he started to get out and I stopped him when I
said: "Are you Waldwick Patterson?" He lowered himself back into the water,
turned around with only his blonde head above the water and said: "Yes. Who
are you?""My name is Mark Vanderhurst, Michael Vanderhurst's brother."He was silent for at least 30 seconds and then said: "Will you please bring
me that towel next to you, I am naked."I took the white towel that was lying in a bundle next to me to him and
said when I handed it to him: "Why should it bother me that you are naked,
we have hade wild sex according to my brother."He got out and I once more inhaled his beautiful strong body. "Well." He
said. "Your brother is one of my best friends and he needed me, I have
nothing to loose.""Meaning the two of you has sex why not lie and include me in your
orgies?" "Don't be silly." He responded. "I am gay, you are gay, and by the way why
the hell did you get married? He is as straight as an arrow and would kill
me if I touch his arm!"I took my shirt off and dropped my shorts and step out of them. I
purposefully did not wear briefs or boxers. "You may just as well drop your
towel, I am here nn art preteens to rectify your lie. I don't like it when people commit
perjury."He dropped his towel and walked to young preteen art me, now with a full erection. "You are
beautiful!" He wrapped his arms around me and started to kiss me.I pulled away and remarked: "Just like that? You are willing to have sex
with me and prevent me from the custody of my children?""Yes." He said, and started to kiss again. I opened my mouth and he pushed
his tongue in. We must have kissed and moved our hands over each others
bodies for about ten minutes when I pulled away again. My cock was aching
for wanting him to touch it."I still can't believe you will stoop that low.""Well you came and offered yourself to me, who am I to say japanese preteen nymphet
no? You have,
after this few minutes, proven to me that you are delicious and I might
reconsider if I have the promise to have you more often.""I might have a surprise for you, my dear Waldwick. Tell me one thing,
what did Michael tell you, why did he do it? Just because he hates me,
because he thinks I would not be a good enough parent? He must have given
you a reason, because I don't believe that you would have agreed unless he
gave you a sort of valid reason. If you don't have sex with him how great
is your friendship?""What a lot of questions, wow! You are serious. May I ask one first. I
have asked it already, why did you get married? I am gay and not prepared
to get married, like yours it will never last.""I am deep in the closet, Sir. I will never get out for many reasons. My
position, my parents, completes estrangement from many friends, relatives
and business associates.""I understand. I think I do. In other words if I say that we had sex, with
no proof but preteens 14 supermodels
where there is a smoke there must be a fire, I might rune your
life. Yet here you are willing me to enjoy your lovely body? Please
explain. I just might have the proof if I tell in court that you have a
birthmark on your left leg next to your erection."He smiled at me showing his pearl like white teeth and for a second I
thought I saw tenderness in his beautiful blue eyes."Do you know what Waldwick Patterson; I think you just might be a loveable
person!" I could bight my tongue of after I said it."I think the same about you!" he replied, still smiling with his lips and
eyes. "I have not tasted you yet, but I think I shall refrain from being a
witness in you divorce case.""In that case we can go to your bedroom and you can have every inch of my
body and do with it whatever you wish. My surprise is, there will not be a
divorce court case, it will be a straight forward divorce settlement. I
have a very good relationship with my wife and I never wanted custody of
the children. It was all in Michael's mind from some speculation my parents
had because they never liked my ex-wife to be because she was too csm preteen galleries
forward and honest about her opinion, which is the reason why I like
her. She will never believe that I am gay anyway."We went to the bronze God's bedroom. We explored each other's body and I
landed with him on top of me with us kissing. When, I am sure, his cock
was aching as mine he started moving down my body with his wet lips,
licking ever part. After he rimmed me, he took first one then the other of
my balls in his mouth and sucked. All the time going to the top of my penis
head to lick to pre-cum that oozed and oozed out. When he finally took the
whole of my cock down his throat my whole body felt if electrified. I was
wiggling as if electric volts were going through it. When I finally shot
cum in his throat, with his finger on my prostate he fought not to
suffocate. When done I thought for a split second that we should one day
try and determine what part of a litre it is I shoot but discarded it
immediately, I will take all the pleasure away if we do.Waldwick moved slowly up my body, tenderly moving his hands all over it
until his lips connected with mine again. He gave my butterfly kisses and I
marvelled over his tenderness. When I started to respond to his kisses by
opening my mouth and gave him my tongue to suck on, he became wild and
kissed me passionately, moving his body on mine pressing his rock hard cock
against me, feverish with lust."Please fuck me Loverboy." I whispered while softly blowing in his ear. I
pulled my legs up and he started videos preteen naturist pushing his cock against my hole. When he
asked me if he should get a jelly, I said no, his pre-cum is abundant and
it should be enough. He then slowly pushed his enormous cock in until it
was fully imbedded. He must have seen the slight uncomforted pain feeling I
got on my face because he lied still for a while. I marvelled once more at
his consideration and tenderness. He kissed my softly and I whispered:
"Get on Loverboy, fuck me, and make me yours for ever, we are one now." He
smiled, tenderly kissed usenext preteen nude
my lips and started moving slowly in and out and
then faster and faster. I have but a few such encounters with my straight
university roommate and this was the first most wonderful experience I ever
had. This was not sex, this was making love. It went on for 20 free picturespreteen nude plus
minutes and I wish it would never stop. The exotic feeling when he finally
shot his cum into me cannot be described. He naked preteens websites collapsed on me when he
drained himself and lied still for a few minutes. I hold him and moved my
finger tips lightly over his back. When I stopped he whispered that I must
please not stop and started kissing me again tenderly and lovingly. I could
not believe that this hunk, which must have had quite a few sex
experiences, could be so tender.When he rolled off me and lied next to me with his hand on my stomach,
staring at the sealing he whispered the same sentiment I had: "I have never
made tender love before, this was not just sex. Do you see now why I have
been a friend of your brother for all these years? He gave me someone to
love.""I chat preteen virtual am sure that was not his intension.""Mark, I belong totally to you now. What ever you tell me to do, I will
do, I will sell the farm, I will live with you anywhere on this earth, and
I love you. I will never go near another man if I have you; I will do
anything you ask me to do, apart from going straight,"He laughed, and then looked at me with his beautiful smiling blue eyes;
gently kissed me and I knew that I feel the same about him.He then jumped out of bed and said: "Lets go and have some coffee, come
back to bed and do it all over, you suck me and then fuck my silly like I
have done with you!""I don't feel silly, you sex maniac! Are you going to feel silly when I do
it to you? And by preteen shemale nudists
the way, you insinuate that you love me and want to be
with me for ever, who says I feel the same?""Your whole body: your eyes, your lips, your preteen cunts
penis, your arse, your legs,
your fingers, all of you as a matter a fact. preteen hot videos preteen underwear nonude preteen small tiny As I said, your whole body
tells me that. Don't you feel love for me?""No, I don't. I don't know you and I don't even like you. I just lied with
you this once to proof a point; you will never see me again."He must have seen the twinkle in my eyes. At first he looked shocked, and
then he put his arms around me and passionately started to kiss me. I
could feel both our erections going again. "Liar!" he exclaimed and I
responded: "I do love you!"He let go of me and rubbed his naked penis: "I proved my point. Let's go
and get some coffee I can't wait to get you back on the bed japanese preteen nymphet again, might do
it on the kitchen counter if you don't hurry!"If you want more, let me know. We were very quick, not knowing each other
for preteen small tiny more than an hour to declare our undying love. How silly can two
attractive men be, driven by sex. We both paid dearly for our impulsive
promises which neither of us kept. If you want to know the rest of my empty
life, let me know, otherwise I shall leave the above "love story" as that,
just a silly tender love encounter.

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